Refractory Cement Project of India Perfect Group

Date of signing: 2010-12-15

Processing material: refractory cement

Processing capacity: 800 tons per day

Equipment configuration: rotary kiln, cooler, ball mill, disc granulator


1. Project overview:

The well-known Perfect Group in India placed an order to purchase our company's main equipment for the production of refractory cement in December 2010, including rotary kilns, coolers, ball mills, disc granulators, etc. After the equipment was transported to the customer's site, we sent an engineer to provide guidance and installation services. Choose high-quality bauxite and limestone as raw materials, mix them into a ball mill in a certain proportion, grind them into raw materials, and then enter the rotary kiln for firing. The fired clinker is then ground into fine powder by a ball mill, so that it has high aluminum content. The cement production is complete.


2. Solution:

2.1 Crushing and pre-homogenization of cement raw materials

2.2 Cement raw meal preparation

2.3 Homogenization of cement raw meal

2.4 Preheating and decomposition of cement materials

2.5 Burning of cement clinker

2.6 Cement grinding

2.7 Cement packaging


3. Project site


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