• Steam Jet Vacuum Pump
  • Steam Jet Vacuum Pump

Steam Jet Vacuum Pump

Jet pump series: 5

Pressure(Steam): 0.55~0.60 MPa

Steam consumption: 0.05~0.15 MPa

Application: Magnesium production line

Our Advantage

    Magnesium reduction is done under vacuum conditions, so that the vacuum pump is the necessary equipment for the magnesium industry. Steam jet vacuum pump is a steam source for vacuum equipment, its working principle is: certain pressure steam flows through the nozzle, forming a high-speed steam flow through the steam flow, pump surface substantially swirls and has been pumping gas mutual infiltration and volume of gas. As is known to us, the mechanical vacuum pump is through the electrical energy into mechanical energy, by vacuum pump cavity volume changes and the suction gas, the working mechanism of steam jet vacuum pump and a mechanical vacuum pump has the great difference, the jet pump has its unique characteristics and advantages.
    Steam jet vacuum pump has no moving parts, no mechanical wear, and long life. There is no vacuum pump oil consumption and pollution-free. It is pumping capacity, pumping fast, without the influence of the pumping medium dust, water vapor and corrosion. It is a mechanical vacuum pump ideal for upgrading equipment.

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