Shaanxi Shangnan Hucaoping Vanadium Ore Drying Production Line Project

Project Overview:

Country: China

Time: May 20, 2019

Equipment: vanadium ore drying production line

Project Background:

ShaanxiShangnan Hucaoping Mineral Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company integrating the production and sales of vanadium ore, and the processing and sales of vanadium iron, vanadium flakes and vanadium-ammonia alloys. In 2018, it signed a vanadium ore crushing and drying production line with Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. The process flow includes: the raw ore mined from the mine is roughly crushed by the jaw crusher, the crushed material is screened by the drum screen, and the screened material is crushed by the fine jaws for two breaks, the crushed ore and soil are dried in the dryer and dried, then use the tail gas of the boiling furnace for calcining vanadium ore, and use preheating to dry the raw ore to improve the effective use of heat energy. The dried material is further crushed by a roller press. Because the high-taste vanadium ore has a soft texture and is easy to be broken, the crushed material is sieved through a drum screen. The sieve is a rich vanadium ore with high taste. The drying, crushing and screening of the raw ore are the enrichment process of the vanadium ore taste.

Project Introduction:

Supply scope: jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher, dryer, roller screen, spring roller press, vertical shaft crusher, and conveying equipment, dust collector, etc.


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