How to Achieve Sludge Resource Utilization Effectively

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With the acceleration of China's urbanization process, the urban population has risen sharply, and domestic sewage has also increased. As a result, the sludge has been piled up like a mountain. In recent years, the problem of sludge treatment has become more prominent under the pressure of national environmental protection policies. How to treat sludge more rationally has become an urgent problem for many sewage treatment plants.

Urban sewage treatment plants mainly treat industrial wastewater and residential water. Therefore, toxic and harmful substances are often accompanied in sewage, and the heavy metal content is high. In the process of sewage treatment, many toxic and harmful substances are precipitated and become a part of the sludge. Thus the source and composition of sludge must be considered when treating and disposing of the sludge. At present, sludge disposal is mainly sludge composting, biological utilization, landfilling, carbonization utilization, etc., but the effects are not ideal.

All the above-mentioned sludge disposal methods, the three integrations of sludge reduction, harmlessness, and resource utilization cannot be fully achieved during the process of disposal, and some sludge disposal may cause problems of secondary pollution and excessive heavy metals. If we use sludge to produce ceramsite, all of the above problems can be effectively solved.

Ceramsite produced by sludge has the following advantages:

1. The organic and inorganic components in the sludge have been effectively used. The organic matter in the sludge is used as a foaming agent in the roasting process, and the inorganic component becomes the main component of the ceramsite.

2. Reduced secondary pollution. During the production of ceramsite, the high-temperature roasting environment can completely decompose and solidify harmful substances such as refractory organics, pathogens, and heavy metals, which has certain economic and environmental benefits.

3. The sludge ceramsite adopts modern advanced production technology, which can effectively improve the quality of ceramsite and make the product more high-quality.

4. It can replace the traditional phthalite and shale in the traditional ceramsite manufacturing process, saving land and mineral resources.

In view of the difficulty of sludge disposal, ZKCorp has developed a sludge ceramsite production line suitable for sludge disposal in combination with the current ceramsite technology and the characteristics of sludge, and has embarked on a new path for sludge resource utilization.



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