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Bag Filter

Volume(m³/h):6000 -54000(m³/h)

Filter area :100-450(m2)

Bag size :100-200(mm)

Cleaning mode :on-line ash cleaning

Our Advantage


   Reliable design ensures the bag filter stable and long-term operation with the other main equipment and little maintenance.


   Optimized duct design will be in favor of uniform air distribution.


   Air leakage prevention design ensures the lowest air leak rate for the bag filter.


   Steel sub-structure design, which would be easy for transport and installation of the equipment.


   Low operating costs. Optimized design of process parameters is conducive to efficient and stable operation of the bag filter with low resistance, reducing energy consumption, as well as the loss of the bag.

    Bag filter is a kind of dry dust filtration device. Our company can provide design, manufacture, and installation one-stop service for bag filter. Our product range mainly include bag filter, single bag filter, pulse bag filter, mechanical reverse air bag filter, wet bag filter and bag filter parts.

    Application of Bag Filter:

    Electric power, metallurgy, chemical and building materials industry


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