Ball mill of the invention, brought human industry high speed development; ball mill is ceaseless and perfect, indicating the mankind is the ceaseless progress of science and technology. Ball mill parts are combined skillfully, created a boutique mill - efficient, energy saving.

Henan Zhengzhou Ming Machinery dedicated to the research of ball mill for more than 60 years, is specializing in the production of ball mill manufacturers, products are exported to all over the world. Production of ball mill in centralized lubrication oil and gear reducer is the most professional, reached the ball mill lubrication system and gear reducer lubrication and sealing work perfect combination. Below we come together to find out the oil and lubrication of ball mill gear reducer two important aspects.

Ball mill lubrication oil station is provided by the fuel tank, pump, motor, filter and cooler and oil pipe. Lubricating oil is pumped from the tank out, after mill filter cooler dust slag and cooling, and then along the mill four oil lines into two main bearings and shaft bearing. Return oil from thick oil return pipe flow back into the fuel tank. High pressure and lubricating oil station is to guarantee normal lubrication of ball mill main bearing device, from the high and low pressure two system components, low voltage system ensure the main bearing upper normal splash lubrication, high pressure system is guaranteed in the mill before the start of a period of time to supply high pressure oil, the mill rotary department from the top, to establish a certain thickness the hydrostatic oil film, to realize static jacked up. Ball mill gear reducer lubrication and seal: the ball mill gear tooth surface at work, friction and wear, resulting in loss of power. Therefore, ball mill lubrication type gear transmission design is an important aspect in the manufacture.

Ball mill lubrication function, antifriction improve the transmission efficiency, reduce and prevent the failure of the gear surface and heat dissipation and antirust. Ball mill lubrication mode can adopt two kinds of schemes, ball mill and ball mill lubrication oil lubrication. For the ball mill oil lubrication, the speed is low in order to reduce the power loss, the immersion depth is 1 / 3 of the radius of addendum circle. The design of ball mill gear lubrication for the size of spray lubrication, a small ball mill lubrication oil pump, ball mill lubrication oil for industrial gear shaft in winter, summer HL-30 HL-20 C, C. For the ball mill pinion shafts of a pair of rolling bearings, the lubrication method for oil ring, lubricating oil for grease ZG-4, and every note an oil. Ball sealing selection of HG4-338-66J type rubber oil seal without framework.

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