"Green wave" is the impact of the various fields of human survival, green product development, research, popularization and application of the plan have launched to adapt to the needs of the situation, many companies strive to compete in the green product market.
As a new type of environmental protection materials, the use of ceramic materials has been continuously developed, which can be used as building materials, thermal insulation materials, sewage treatment, petrochemical, garden flowers and other fields. It has the characteristics of light weight, thermal insulation, fire resistance, low density, high strength properties, which makes it can not be replaced by other materials, and it has been developed rapidly in the whole world. In recent years, many companies turn their attention to this new field.
Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. (ZK) provides convenient, colleges and universities, the low cost of the whole process solutions in ceramic production line for domestic and foreign customers, they are to achieve excellence from products to the market survey to equipment installation and debugging. Superb technology is used in product design and ZK help customers customize products and equipment combined with the local geographical environment and climate characteristics to help customers solve many problems in the field of ceramic.
ZK signed a contract with Thailand on the ceramic project, installation and commissioning have been completed and is ready to put into operation at any time. This project has the equipments of ceramsite crusher, granulator, plastic machine, dryer, rotary kiln, cooling machine, dust collector. 5 professional engineers visit the project site to direct and complete the installation of the project efficiently and accurately. This project has the dvantages of reasonable layout, smooth process, high degree of automation, calcination parameters real-time monitoring, firing in good quality, energy dissipation bijar, low operating cost characteristics.
Technical personnels in ZK provide optimum scheme to produce the customer satisfaction of the equipment to the rigorous attitude, seiko secret agents work habits, superb technology for customers. In the process of installation, ZK staff communicate with customers actively, detect and solve problems timely, achieved the customer's praise.