With the continuous improvement and development of the socialist market economy, the economic development has entered a new normal, chemical machinery enterprises will participate in the international competition in an equal market environment, while facing great opportunities and challenges.
In a new wave of reform, ZK takes "three satisfied" as the guiding ideology, taking the service marketing as the soul, taking the customer relationship as the main line, taking the modern circulation as the operation mode, regarding the information technology as the management method, the "customer first, modern marketing concept of sincere service" concept promotes the machine industry. High quality, efficient and fast are the premise for customer service.
In the process of customer service, ZK always regards the customer's requirements as the first philosophy, As a machine service enterprises, we have honest services as the customer solemn commitment, customer is the center for us, that all work must consciously establish customer satisfaction is our standard concept, we win customer trust and loyalty with good faith service. Cultivation of the service concept of "customer first, sincere service" is the inevitable way to improve the core competitiveness for machinery industry.
The development of modern machinery industry must cultivate the concept of customer service, creating customers, cultivating customers, enhancing customer, market, and comprehensively improve the core competitiveness by customer service. Therefore, the concept of service is the driving force of the development of the industry, only in the "service concept" strong support of the original power can the machine industry have the space for development. The reason why the ZK can be in an invincible position in the same industry is to establish a management model with its own characteristics, Master advanced industry technology, constantly seek technological innovation and technological progress, perform technological advantages, improve their professional level, which can ultimately achieve the purpose of profit. At the same time, ZK also has a reliable and stable sales network, nurturing modern service concept, completely change the old concept, innovation management and achieve the customer's product or enterprise loyalty.
As a large mining manufacturing enterprises, ZK has the courage to innovate and break. Company began to set foot in the metal magnesium industry from 1988, the production of magnesium metal equipment has become the metal magnesium industry leader, it is also given a high evaluation of the product by the cooperation customers. We are starting from the interests of customers from product design to the layout of the process,The "customer first, sincere service" concept also allows our company to be affirmed by other enterprise.