Recently we design and built a 2200 m2 long bag pulse dust collector for Shanxi Jianqiang active lime Co. Ltd. The long bag pulse dust collector is composed of an upper casing, upper box, middle box and a lower box, it is divided into eight rooms, 1024 bag, each bag is 3m long.
When working, the dust air get into the hopper by the air inlet duct, coarse dust particles directly enter into the bottom of the ash bucket, the fine dust particles turns upward into the middle and lower box with the air flow, dust deposits on the surface of the filter bag, the gas filtered arrive net gas collecting pipe exhaust duct in the upper box and is discharged to the air by exhaust fan.
The cleaning process is to cut off the air outlet duct of the room firstly, so that the bag of the chamber is in a state of no air flow. Then open the pulse valve and clean tht dust with compressed air pulse jet. The shut-off valve closing time can ensure the blowing dust removing from the bag after the settlement can subside to the hopper, which avoids that the dust is gathered on the adjacent bag surface with the airflow after being separated oneself from the bag surface.
In manufacturing, we follow the design concept, a bolt, a piece of steel are strictly made in accordance with the production, which ensures that the site construction no longer modify or borrow other materials, also ensures product stability and good appearance.
The sequence of construction is planned reasonably, which not only ensures the dust collectors safety, but also improves the efficiency of the construction, saved the construction time for customers to put into operation in time to make the greatest efforts.
No matter how complex the site construction is, we find the main line and make the reasonable arrangements for the construction sequence, no matter how tight schedule is, we do not miss any details.
We specifically design long bag pulse dust collector for you, the ZK people lay a cornerstone for everyone's good tomorrow.