Since last september the first-stage project has gone,on the basis of continuously improve equipment, the output and quality of ZK Caizhai production base increased step by step. These effectively ensureing the accuracy and timely degree of goods delivery. At the same time, ZK Chuansha production base has already done the all goods and materials’ transportation and settlement, the production has also turn into stable state and officially entering Caizhai. Since then, Caizhai new production base and Chuansha mill machine base will wholly merger for Caizhai Industrial Park.
As the initial station of every center weekly theme exhibition of ZK “416 Cultural Day”, the principal of Caizhai Industrial Park, Manager Su, said that Caizhai industrial park covers an area of 206 mu, and the Number Two Workshop which gross area is 14000 square meters has already went into operation on last September 1. In addition, the Number One Workshop and Number Three Workshop that gross area is 25800 square meters is in the process of orderly preparation. This time’s combination of the two production bases is another measures of ZK 2012 strategic adjustment. On the basis of providing our staff more superior working environment and clients more modern manufacturing workshop, we will really make the commitment “Retribution will be fast for you” into practice, carry out the “Self-checking, Mutual inspection + Quality inspection” products quality inspection model, to promote production quality entirely. Meanwhile, in order to put an end to the problems of steel frame and other parts can’t be installed and combined in the clients scene, which are caused by the personal factors of misoperation, Caizhai Industrial Park will do the trial assembly for the all committed steel frames.”If there were some problems, we will resolve them inside before the goods delivery. We must ensure that client can put into production at the top speed.” It is reported that Caizhai Industrial Park is formed by new product area and mill machine area, besides of the intrinsic production of grinding mill and accessory equipment, Caizhai production base further increased the output and quality control strength to the steel frame, mobile crushing station and belt conveyor, etc. Meanwhile, the logistic departments such as storage, material flow, purchase, burdening, flame plating, plan, finance is all ready.
Under the situation of logistic guarantee is more powerful,the production base will pull together to ensure production. “Unity is strength and step is consistent. Arousing the potential of every member in the group. The promotion of whole personnel quality will surely contribute to a responsible, accurate and efficient Caizhai Industrial Park. We will make our great efforts to ensure our clients and staff value maximization.”