The new economic environment puts forward more stringent requirements for the development of enterprises, and to adapt to the fierce competition, enterprises in technological innovation is the prerequisite for the development of the basic guarantee. On the basis of the core competence of the enterprise, promoting the product update iteration through the investment of technology is the core goal of the enterprise to meet the market demand.
Rapidly changing market, technology and the fierce competition in the market often affect the development of enterprises. It can not only bring risks and challenges to the enterprise, but also bring opportunities to the enterprise. If enterprises want to obtain the consolidation and development of the market competition status, they need the help of a strong competitive advantage. And the formation of the market competitive advantage depends on the advanced technological advantage which is an important way to realize the technological advantage. In the fierce market competition, whether enterprises can change with market demand and constantly develop new products and new technology needs to take the corresponding development strategy, which is the key enterprise in the competition for survival and development.
In today's world, the rapid development of technology and market competitiveness of this process eliminates the rising process. To adapt to the new environment and win market competition, we must strengthen the ability of technological development, build and maintain their own advantages in a certain area. Such as cost advantage, price competition. The price competition strategy is through technological innovation, or reduce the cost of the production process, or get cheaper sources of raw materials, or open up more reasonable sales channels to reduce the manufacturing cost of the products and have a large share of the market, so as to grasp the initiative of the sales price and put most competitors out of the common market.
Technology development can provide a solid foundation for the adjustment of product structure of enterprises, so that enterprises have the ability to constantly develop new products according to market demand and improve the added value of the products, so as to bring good economic benefits for the enterprise. In turn, enterprise economic benefits and the ability to increase investment in technology development, can strengthen the ability of technology development.
The fundamental guarantee of the enterprise competitive ability is the technical development ability, technical ability is the symbol of the technological level of products, and the technological level of products and is closely linked with the industrial structure, resource allocation, market development, personnel training etc..