From October 25th to 26th, the 13th National Academic Seminar on Lightweight Aggregate and Lightweight Aggregate Concrete and the 7th Academic Seminar on Cross-Strait Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Production and Application Technology was held in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. The meeting invited leaders of relevant state departments, scholars from across the Taiwan Straits, experts and industry authorities to attend, and Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery was invited to participate in the meeting.

Photo of Participants

The conference was hosted by the China Architecture Society Building Materials Branch, China Concrete and Cement Products Association Lightweight Aggregate and Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Branch,China Institute of Ceramics Building Materials Branch, andTaiwan China Lightweight Association, was organized by Fujian Guzheng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.and Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Building Research, was co-organized by Fujian Qunfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. and Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Meeting Room

The theme of this conference is“Green, intensive development and diversified market applications”,the aim is to bring together cross-strait wisdom, build an academic exchange platform for the industry, showcase the technological achievements, technical experience and engineering application results achieved by the industry in the past two years, discuss the development direction of the industry and the ideas of reform, and provide reference for promoting the light aggregate industry in the new situation of clean production, energy saving, and expansion of application areas.

The conference covers the innovation of light aggregate production process, the comprehensive utilization of solid waste, the relationship between solid waste disposal and urban construction, the research on the performance of lightweight aggregate and lightweight aggregate concrete, and the production and application of lightweight aggregate concrete, and so on. The experts at the conference published the academic progress and future development direction achieved in the past two years, and pointed out the way for the development of lightweight aggregates.

At the meeting,Professor Li Yanmin, Director of Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Technology Center and Professor of Mechanical Engineering of Zhengzhou University,gave a speech on"Structural Optimization Design Analysis of Lightweight Ceramsite Calcined Rotary Kiln".the paper expounds the optimization design of φ3.3 rotary kiln for lightweight aggregates. After optimization by the third gear, the two gears can meet the production needs,and the burden on investors can be reduced from investment and post-maintenance.

Since 2005, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery has entered the ceramsite industry and cooperated with Zhengzhou University, China Aluminum Zhengzhou Research Institute,Henan Building Materials Design and Research Institute, Guangzhou University Materials College, Tsinghua Dongguan Innovation Center and other domestic first-class institutions and research centers,is committed to the research and development of industrial solid waste disposal equipment and energy-saving research of ceramsite equipment, so that the solid waste can be made harmless, reduced, and resourced.The company's self-built ceramsite calcination experimental pilot platform, ceramsite sand granulation platform and various granulation experimental equipment can meet various raw material analysis, calcination experiments, sample preparation, pilot production, etc.,to protect the investment of the large industrial production line in the later period.The company has successively completed the R&D, design and installation and commissioning services of the first hazardous waste chemical ceramsite project in China,the first domestic granulated sludge ceramsite project in kiln, the largest ceramsite sand production line project in China,waste liquid incineration disposal project, electrolytic aluminum cathode slag resource project,high-strength fly ash ceramsite production line project.

In the aspect of ceramsite, ceramsite sand and solid waste disposal, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery actively researches and develops processes, successfully integrates metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and chemical processes, and developed energy-saving vertical chillers,granulation technology in kiln and disposal scheme of kiln tail gas dioxin which are suitable for ceramsite production line,opening up a new process route for the construction of new environmentally friendly and energy-saving ceramsite and ceramsite sand factories.

Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery has the complete service capability for the overall design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, training operation and guarantee operation of small and medium-sized building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mineral processing and other projects;

Has complete processing equipments,for the equipment required for the project, the raw materials purchased are all self-processed and self-manufactured to ensure the construction period and product quality;

Has a professional and complete technical team, can carry out one-stop overall technical services such as pre-plan consultation, plan formulation, process construction drawing design, equipment R&D and manufacturing, etc. according to the individual needs of customers;

Has professional installation, after-sales service team and self-support import and export trade qualifications, guarantee the integrity of the project system services.