Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.(ZK Corp) started its cross-border e-commerce business early. The general manager Mr. Su Genhua established an e-commerce department in the Zhengzhou office in 2009, and gradually transformed from traditional offline marketing to modern online marketing. He started to expand the team and set up a cross-border e-commerce promotion team in 2011.


In 2013, ZK Corp’s cross-border e-commerce business entered a period of rapid development, forming an e-commerce model with SEM (Google search engine marketing) as the main and SEO as the supplement. Meanwhile, it also expands foreign customers through B2B platforms such as MIC (Made in China) and Alibaba (Alibaba International). With the rapid development of mobile Internet in 2015 and the increasingly mobile consumption habits of users, E-commerce Department of ZK Corp seized the opportunity to develop mobile Internet users rapidly.


Over the past ten years, ZK Corp has made full use of the advantages of online marketing, expanded customer resources, and gradually formed a relatively mature cross-border e-commerce operation system. The products are exported to more than 70 countries, playing a leading role in the machinery industry, striving to create an e-commerce brand enterprise, and successfully selected as an e-commerce demonstration enterprise in Henan Province twice.


In recent years, the cross-border e-commerce of Zhengzhou has developed rapidly, and the government has assisted companies to go overseas. Through diversified online platforms, ZK Corp has obtained abundant customer resources. After on-site inspections by customers, it has gained the trust of customers with its professional team and advanced technology.


ZK Corp also actively responds to the national "One Belt One Road" call, and has established good cooperative relations with companies from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Yemen.


Since 2017, our company’s key projects include: Yemen Cement Grinding Station Project with a 70t/h Output, Tanzania 100t/d Light Burnt Magnesite Project, Indonesia Φ 3x12m Ball Mill Project in 2017, India 45t/h Feldspar Grinding Production Line Project, Bangladesh Φ1.9×30m Lime Kiln Project, Uzbekistan Φ2.4×4.75m Air Swept Coal Mill Project in 2018, Malaysia 60,000 m³ of Ceramsite Production Line Project in 2019, Iran Magnesium Metal Production Line Project, Armenia 10 t/h Cement Grinding Station Project, Philippines 60 t/h Cement Grinding Station Project in 2020. The Armenian cement grinding station project is an important step for our company in the Central Asian market.


Under the current new situation, ZK Corp is also constantly exploring new marketing channels. In 2020, the cross-border e-commerce model of ZK Corp will develop in a more diversified direction, with SEM as the mainstay, SEO/B2B as the supplement, and social media such as marketing Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, etc. to enhance brand awareness and expand customer groups.


In 2021, under the new situation of cross-border e-commerce, there are opportunities as well as challenges. ZK Corp will take a new attitude to expand our oversea market.