As China's one belt, one road policy, has been brought to the ground, the economic and trade exchanges between the countries and China have become more frequent. In terms of infrastructure construction, China has made brilliant achievements one after another. China has also undertaken more and more overseas construction tasks in engineering projects.

Since the establishment of the plant in 1956, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in mining machinery and equipment, and has been constantly studying and improving the process level and technical strength, so as to provide customers with the best overall solution and manufacture the best machinery and equipment. The following is the case experience of ZK machinery in providing products and technical services to Iranian customers.

In November 2021, an Iranian enterprise engaged in iron ore processing trade contacted our company to inquire about the material drying project. According to the conventional idea, a single drying process involves few equipment and the process flow is not complex, which should be relatively easy to solve. However, after in-depth communication with the customer, our personnel found that the customer's material drying process involves multiple processes, which is a drying process requiring systematic design. The Middle East is the key market area of our company. We have experience in exporting equipment, so we have sent special technicians to connect the customer's consultation.

At first, the customer only provided basic information, including that the material to be dried is iron concentrate, the drying capacity is 350 tons per hour, and the fuel for drying is natural gas. Obviously, these data can not support the process design. After many inquiries and communication, the customer provided important material humidity and particle size data. The particle size range of iron concentrate is 1mm ~ 5mm, the humidity of the initial material is 10% ~ 12%, and the desired humidity after drying is not higher than 7%. Based on the customer's data, our technical team selected the rotary cylinder with a diameter of 4m and a length of 25m as the main equipment to complete the drying demand after careful calculation. On this basis, provide customers with dust removal system and transportation equipment.

Because this size is calculated according to the customer's data, there is no ready-made technical data before. In order to let customers have a more detailed understanding of our selected drying kiln. Our technical team has made a detailed technical parameter table, including the power, speed, material, weight and other details of the main engine and auxiliary engine. The customer is very satisfied with our professional technology and service level. I hope we can design the completed system process. After confirming the customer's front and rear processes, we have made a complete set of drying process for customers.

After receiving the overall solution provided by us, customers have more confidence in our technical strength. At the same time, the customer has put forward adjustment ideas for the scheme provided by us. The customer hopes that the dust removal part can simplify the two-stage dust removal into single-stage dust removal, that is, only one bag filter is used to complete the dust removal process. We understand that the customer hopes to save investment and simplify the process through this method. However, we rejected the customer's proposal. Because the temperature of flue gas from the kiln after material drying is very high, such temperature cannot directly enter the bag filter, and the filter bag for filtering dust will be burned. Therefore, at least two sections shall be used for dust removal, and the first part shall be cooled and cleaned by powder selection dust collector, and then enter the bag dust collector to achieve complete dust removal.

At present, the customer and his technical team are comprehensively considering the design scheme provided by us. The other party said that in the process of cooperation with Chinese suppliers, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd showed strong professionalism and communication was in place, and would seriously consider cooperation with us. We also said that we would provide customers with all the help they need.