The double-roller granulator is an efficient granulation equipment designed by Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., which is specially designed for granulating powder and small particle materials.

After more than four years of development, the double-roller granulator produced by Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has undergone several generations of changes and is now very mature. It is widely used in bauxite, coal powder, limestone, coal gangue, shale, Granulation of clay, etc.

This model of double-roller granulator has significant advantages such as uniform discharging, high yield, large output, compact structure, reasonable layout, and small floor space. At present, it is mainly used in the ceramsite industry, and can meet the requirements of sludge ceramsite, shale ceramsite, fly ash ceramsite, etc. for the granulation process.


The equipment mainly consists of a frame, fixed roller device, movable roller device, transmission device, etc. It has a simple structure, is stable and reliable, easy to clean and maintain, has low energy consumption and has a long service life. It is an ideal granulation equipment for the ceramsite industry. This equipment has been well received by customers at various ceramsite project sites in Zhengzhou Mine.

The double-roller granulator uses a belt to drive the reducer, and then drives the fixed roller and the movable roller to rotate synchronously through the chain. The material passes between the two rollers from above, and after being extruded by the double shaft, the material is squeezed out of the round hole on the roller. out. While extruding, it can also discharge the air between the material particles and increase the density and strength of the particles.

The use of this double-roller granulator has certain requirements on the properties of the material. In order to achieve better granulation effect and higher granulation efficiency, the moisture content of the material should be controlled at about 25%. Moreover, due to the limitations of its granulation principle, the double-roller granulator requires the quality of the raw materials to be relatively uniform and not contain impurities with high hardness, such as iron blocks, otherwise the roller skin will be easily damaged.

The roller skin is a consumable part. After using it for a period of time, the diameter of the through holes on the roller skin will wear out and become larger, and it needs to be replaced to a certain extent. Taking this into consideration, the double-roller granulator adopts the design of separate wheel hub and roller skin. When replacing the roller skin, you only need to disassemble the roller skin outside the hub, put on the new roller skin, and tighten the roller skin. Just tighten the pieces.

The raw material balls produced by the roller granulation machine have a diameter of 10-16mm. If the diameter is too small, extrusion will be difficult and the balling efficiency will be low. If the diameter is too large, the strength will be insufficient, which will also affect the balling efficiency.

When debugging the roller granulator, you need to find the correct position first so that the two rollers fit together but do not squeeze each other, and then use the positioning bolts to fix the movable roller. Avoid the two rollers squeezing each other, which may cause equipment failure due to excessive force.

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