According to the "Artificial Ceramsite Filter Material for Water Treatment (CJ/T 299-2008)" standard issued by the Water Treatment Filter Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Construction, Henan Zheng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has made targeted technical improvements and completed The technology research and complete set of process equipment research and development of artificial ceramsite filter materials for water treatment processed from raw materials such as clay, shale, fly ash, volcanic rock, etc., from overall project planning to detailed process formulas, process parameters, and processes Design, equipment design and manufacturing, engineering installation, commissioning, technical training and after-sales service provide complete industry chain and life cycle services, and provide a complete set of systematic solutions.


The artificial ceramsite filter material for water treatment has good physical and chemical properties, can be used for different water purification requirements, and the treated water quality is very high; its filter layer distribution is relatively uniform, and the surface pores are very suitable for the growth of microorganisms, which can overcome pores. The head loss caused by both can also avoid the problem of plugging and hardening. The artificial ceramsite filter material for water treatment can be widely used in the water treatment of urban sewage, industrial wastewater, fish farms and filter tanks of water plants.



1. The surface is multi-microporous and the specific surface area is large. It is suitable for the growth of various microorganisms. A stable and highly active biofilm can be formed on the surface, and the treated water quality is high.

2. The pores of the filter material layer are evenly distributed, which overcomes the defects of large head loss, easy clogging and compaction caused by uneven pore distribution of the filter material layer.

3. The density is moderate and uniform, backwashing is easy, low energy consumption, and no material is lost during backwashing. Overcome the defects of backwashing that is difficult to control and run out of materials.

4. Adopting good particle size grading, strong dirt holding capacity, high utilization rate of filter media, slow increase in head loss, long operation period, and large water production.

5. High strength, resistance to friction, high physical and chemical stability, long life, etc. It is fired at high temperature for inorganic inert materials, so long-term soaking will not release any substance to the water body, and there is no secondary pollution.

6. Replace quartz sand, anthracite, etc. as filter media in water supply treatment; it can also be used for groundwater treatment containing iron and manganese, replacing traditional filter materials (manganese sand, etc.)


Since the beginning of the 21st century, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has combined with Zhengzhou University, Tsinghua University Dongguan Innovation Center, Guangzhou University and other domestic first-class universities and research centers to devote to the research and development of ceramsite technology and complete sets of process equipment to make ceramsite production To achieve the four goals of quality, standardization, stabilization, and scale.


According to "Artificial ceramsite filter material for water treatment" (CJ/T-2008), ceramsite filter material for water treatment refers to the use of clay, fly ash, shale and other materials as the main raw materials, which are crushed, formulated, and formed Ceramic pellets fired at high temperature. The surface of the ceramsite is hard and spherical, with well-developed micropores, large specific surface area, and high porosity, so that it has strong dirt interception capacity and high filtration rate. According to different uses, ceramsite for water treatment can be divided into two types: water treatment filter material and sewage treatment filter material.


Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has mature ceramsite production technology and a full set of production equipment, and has become a technology source and equipment base for ceramsite production enterprises and investors.