1. Speed up the development of α high-strength gypsum and self-leveling gypsum

At present, it is conservatively estimated that there is a market of 22 million tons of self-leveling gypsum, which requires about 7 million tons of gypsum above α50. Currently, there are only 4 to 5 companies that use industrial by-product gypsum to produce α50 gypsum. Therefore, there is a huge market gap for α high-strength gypsum. Due to the shortage of alpha high-strength gypsum, the development of self-leveling gypsum is restricted, and the current speed is slow.


2. Speed up the development of prefabricated gypsum building materials

With the country's vigorous promotion of prefabricated buildings, the market demand for prefabricated building materials such as gypsum slats has risen sharply. It is necessary to regulate the market, promote automation equipment, and promote the healthy development of the market.


3. Improve the development of gypsum building materials technology and equipment

Industrial-scaleproduction must first solve the uniformity and stability of raw materials. Process and equipment are important links to ensure the quality of gypsum building materials. Guided by the "Made in China 2025" action plan, promote the modernization, high-end and intelligentization of gypsum building materials equipment.


4. Expand the application of gypsum board in the field of partition walls

At present, the gypsum board used in the partition wall field in my country accounts for about 35%, and it is mainly used in commercial real estate and public buildings. The gypsum board used in the residential partition wall is basically zero; the gypsum board used in the ceiling field accounts for about 65%.


5. Speeding up the research and application of harmless treatment of industrial by-product gypsum

Industrial by-product gypsum contains various harmful impurities such as alkali metal salts and organics, which have seriously affected the promotion and application of gypsum building materials products. The research and application of the harmless treatment of industrial by-product gypsum, especially the harmlessness of the discharge end, should be accelerated.


6. Strengthen the research and production of type anhydrous gypsum

High-temperature calcination of phosphogypsum can remove harmful impurities in phosphogypsum. A small amount of organic phosphorus is converted into gas at high temperature and discharged. Inorganic phosphorus is converted into inert calcium pyrophosphate at high temperature, thereby eliminating harmful impurities in phosphogypsum and forming II Type anhydrous gypsum. Type II anhydrous gypsum can be widely used in gypsum-based self-leveling materials, plastering materials, gypsum putty, etc.


Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956 and is a designated production unit for building materials and mining machinery designated by the Ministry of Machinery Industry and the Department of Machinery and Electronics Industry of Henan Province. After more than 60 years of development, it has gradually developed from a single mechanical equipment manufacturer to a professional provider of integrated solutions for solid (hazardous) waste resource disposal.


The industrial by-product gypsum processing production system is one of the company's core products. It is now strategically cooperating with Ningxia Bode Gypsum Institute to jointly own professional gypsum calcining equipment technology, complete set of gypsum processing equipment process technology, and a professional equipment installation and commissioning engineering team. Ensure that the production capacity meets the standard, save manpower and material resources, reduce investment costs, proceed from the fundamental interests of customers, and serve sincerely.